Please follow the guideline using centimeter to fill-in your measurement and send to us at below:
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Neck Circumference (No 2 - measure by sit down):

Waist Circumference (No 4 - measure the smallest part of the waist):

Hip Circumference (No 5 - measure the widest part of the hips):

Bust Width (No 7 - measure nipple to nipple):

Depth of Hip (No 10 - measure waist to hip):

Skirt Length(No 14 - measure waist to bottom):

Kurung Length(No 15 - measure shoulder to knee):

Armhole Circumference (No 16 - measure shoulder to knee):

Sleeve Length(No 17 - measure end shoulder to wrist):

Sleeve Width (No 16 - measure shoulder to knee):

Please fill-in your order here and send to us by click at below:
Call or WhatsApp: 9185 7267 if you need assistance.

Free delivery for purchases of $ 120 and above, otherwise self-collection or $20 transportation charge.
Postage delivery charges $6 for 1-2 kg and $12 for 3-5 kg

Payment term: COD. We'll deliver in 7 days. Any delay we'll contact or notice you in advance through WhatsApp/SMS/Email

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