Astitchworks Concepts present a highly professional and quality images for her customers and clients in designing or materials, do our best in servicing and ensuring the customers and clients are always answered.

Astitchworks said Design is all about attitude!

   Being "Plus Size" should not relegate you
to grandmothers' clothing, nor should 
you have to take on your slim 
friends' expanded designs.

It aims to provide sexy and trendy plus size
clothing that celebrates the beauty and 
the sensuality of fuller figures.

Astitchworks Concepts was known as Sutra Stylish in 1979 and started at her own home as sewing training in 2002 in conducting dressmaking, curtain and hobbycraft training to her customers and public. In 5 years she able to achieve and built up sale and tailoring with the design range of fashions and other highly sophisticated trades. Then she opened her home-based business as trainer, dressmaker as well as dealer to promote sewing machines.

The objective of Astitchworks Concepts is to development of fashion retails trade with a good profitable enterprise in the seamstress trade, ever, to low-cost accessories to tailoring and workshop.

With this all planning and programme, Astitchworks urge to expanding its trading wide as a wholesale enterprise as well as to improving better prosperity by having more staff and customers/clients besides to achieve its target in net profit/assess.

One of our purposes is to encourage, support non-privileged students into studying at Astitchworks Concepts.  We also work in the community and business as part of our life-long learning initiative.

Humble Founder of Astitchworks Concepts
Our honour supportive and patient person, miss her always.......Al-Fatehah, amin.

Her loving daughter and son are responsible for Astitchworks Concepts

Jumiahiyana Haji Ujud took seriously in sewing at the age of 12 and had working experience in the fashion and bridal industry for 20 years. With her spirituality and skills, and supporting her late mother, she managed to set up her home-based business in 1996.

Armed with a Diploma Certificate in Fashion Technology (Merchandising and Marketing), she started as a merchandiser and an avid trainer by conducting sewing course for the public, community clubs, organizations and companies in various fashion industry segments since 2000. At her junior, she took the opportunity for the sharpness of various fashion sewing skills in various training.

She intends to collaborate with any organization or company to assist less fortunate beneficiaries, underprivileged or low level of readiness to enrich and strengthen their skills.

Her objectives are to provide highly sophisticated trading services and to expand her business in the globalization of fashion.

Providers of Services and Teaching with Caring

To nurture/develop learners to become well-balanced individuals with an effective competency
Deliver quality products/services to customers on time and at competitive prices
Continuously seeking to improve, innovate and invent

Continue to pursue in products and training development
Focus the strengthening of sales and marketing organization
Maximize our share of upgrading and conversion business.

Achieve customer satisfaction
Realise continual improvement

Teamwork to reach company goals
Seeking with lowest cost and openness in community
Do it right the first time/ provide good services
Disciplined in carrying out duties and responsibilities
Pride and proactive with the works


Duty Line: 9185 7267

Business (Main Office) Hours:
East Coast Road
11.00 am to 05.00 pm - Tuesday to Saturday
Closed on Monday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Main Training Location & Operation Hours:
20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357
09.00 am to 10.00 pm - Tuesday to Friday
09.00 am to 05.00 pm - Saturday
09.30 am to 12.30 pm - Sunday
Closed on Monday, & Public Holiday

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