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1)    What Astitchworks Concepts do?
Astitchworks Concepts is an educational learning created from the result of founder passion on sewing and handicraft in 1996. Like many enterprises, Jumiahiyana is a founder and very passion in fashions and arts like contemporary and traditional she will involved or contribute for public and community.  

Perhaps, she began conducting sewing and handicraft classes for individual and companies at her home-based in East Coast Road.  Astitchworks Concepts has Shop Online too. If you are keen to learn to sew or handicraft, click Our Sewing Programs for more details.

2)   Who run Astitchworks Concepts?
Adi Dinarro is responsible as the High Management in taking care of students’ welfare and merchandising while JuneIyana is doing as the Principal Management for sewing education and tailoring services conducting this business together.   And, she will work with her team in launching all activities together.  
Salinah as Adi Assistant is responsible for administrative and logistical work.   

3)   What is Astitchworks Concepts objective?
With the passion in sewing educational, we take great care and responsibility to ensure every course turn out to be as useful for our students. At the same time, we use different tactic and styles to ensure that students will achieve their dreams.  We also focus on personal services that keep students and customer happy.   

If you have any questions relevant regarding Astitchworks Concepts, please do feel free to email to us at and we will try our best to answer to your need. There is absolutely no obligation from your end. We do not believe in inconsistent services to our customers.

4) Why do Astitchworks Concepts have a blog at the same time there is a website?
www.astitch-works. com is our official website with the latest information where we share it with all readers about sewing program, tailoring services, students' activities, promotion sales, updated schedule classes and more others reading articles.  JuneIyana created this blog called which can provide value and answers to our students & customers.

5)  How many lessons, fees and schedules for each course?
Individual learning is 36 hours/12 lessons (3 hours per lesson) with flexible student schedules.
Group learning is 24 hours/8 lessons (3 hours per lesson) and set schedule by Astitchworks
The workshop is a 1-2 lesson(s) set clock by Astitchworks

For Individual only has 3 sessions:
1st  - 09.30 am to 12.30 pm
2nd - 02.30 pm to 05.30 pm
3rd - 07.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Group and Workshop schedule will be arranged by Astitchworks.  To view the schedule and courses' fees, please visit our group and workshop sewing programs.

6) What is the difference between Beginner, Intermediate and advanced level?
Fashion Sewing Level 1 & 2 for Beginner is for beginner and intermediate to provide the subject knowledge in fashion and sewing skills.  It is suitable for those who have never touched any sewing before and zero skills.  Subject lessons cover such as measurement, draft & understand the basic pattern making, practical in hand-on sewing & sewing technique and quality of sewing work & alterations. 

Fashion Sewing Level 3 for Advanced is for who come from different paths to progress to study fashion skills to develop a solid understanding of the fashion industry or business knowledge. The course is for people who have a basic sewing knowledge or skills.  Subjects lessons cover such as construction advance pattern making & sewing procedures, understand the textiles and produce professionally fitted outfits.

7) Which course is suitable if I have no sewing skills?
It is better to come free preview session at your convenient time from Wednesday to Saturday (11 am to 5 pm) by fixed the appointment here.  Trainers will provide more information to answer all questions and share some ideas to help you know where to start in this sewing courses.  We are gratified to hear from our mutual students that sewing courses are a great option to learn and save the cost of living, ever; earn income.

8) What if I have sewn before?
If you have sewn before and are confident with the basics, you should look at the Intermediate sewing classes.

9) How many trainers do Astitchworks provide in each class?
Astitchworks usually have 1 trainer for Individual class (max 3 learners) and 2-3 trainers for Group or Workshop class in a maximum of 6-10 students.

10) Any replacement bid if miss a class?
Individual learning only allowed for replacement class to postpone or cancel within 3 days in advance. Group learning or Workshop, please inform us beforehand at least our trainers could help to capture the content when you attend the next class.

Called last minutes will be not acceptable unless you are sick or in case of emergency please produce a proof document.
Please take note: Astitchworks is an education centre and follows the standard regulations, however, it's also student's responsibility. 

11) What should bring for class?
You will receive the sewing starter kits, A4 draft book and sewing note, so on depend on your course need. Tools, sewing machines,  drink and snack are provided during the class period.  Just bring extra money in case you need to buy materials(if) at our store. Our trainer will advise what materials to bring for the next lesson.

12) What are the payment modes?
Upon your confirmation of registration online or walk-in, full payment is required.  Pay either by credit card, bank transfer, cash, cheque or e-invoice.  We will notify you once receive the payment received before the class start.  Application Installment will consider case by case with support documents (terms & conditions).

13) Do Astitchworks sell the sewing machine, fabric and sewing accessories?
Learners can order the Brother & Elna domestic & industry machine direct from our Vendors and trainer will teach learners to use the sewing machine.   Fabric and sewing accessories can found at Joo Chiat Complex, Gelyang Market shopping and Haig Road.

14) What are courses options and domestic entry requirements?
It may have confused by email if the information you read cannot understand, therefore; we appreciate you walk-in 20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357 for a free preview to provide a clear information about our sewing courses to suit you.

15) Does the course fee include materials and tools?
Fees only for course services include administration, certificate, A1 paperwork, sewing note, draft book and sewing kit. You need to get your own fabrics, sewing accessories and other sewing services are not provided by Astitchworks. Tools and equipment are provided only in class.


Duty Line: 9185 7267

Business (Main Office) Hours:
East Coast Road
11.00 am to 05.00 pm - Tuesday to Saturday
Closed on Monday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Main Training Location & Operation Hours:
20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357
09.00 am to 10.00 pm - Tuesday to Friday
09.00 am to 05.00 pm - Saturday
09.30 am to 12.30 pm - Sunday
Closed on Monday, & Public Holiday

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