Candidates are advised to read the Terms and Condition before register.



1.1   Registration can make online at or come personally at 20, Joo
        Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357; with a full payment requested before the start
        of the class.
1.2   Strictly no allow participants to register using other participants’ name as a conflict of
        interest or for other purposes that against Singapore law.
1.3   Participants are to fill the true information in the application form. NRIC/FIN/Others
        card required for photocopy for our records.
1.4  Participants shall not share your Account with or assign or transfer it or any right under it to a third party. Participants shall not sub-contract or delegate any duty or obligation in respect of your Account, except as provided in Section 1.7.
1.5   Astitchworks is not responsible for any failure or delay in the transmission of any email
or the transmission of any information or documentation via our site, howsoever arising.
1.6   Regardless of any reasons, if the participant subsequently cancels or postpones or
discontinues the confirmed registration, it will be charged 10% for the penalty (including administration and certificate fees).   No refund can be claimed upon the full payment has been made.
1.7   Astitchworks reserves the right to disclose participants’ information for publicity and/or statistical studies unless such rights are revoked in writing by the participants.
1.8   Our Main Duty line +65 91857267 operations on Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm.  This number is used as WhatsApp’s almost all times during our office peak hours.   Closed on every Monday, Sunday and Public Holiday.
1.9   Classes schedule and preview sessions are flexible schedule base on the first book first serve and required to inform us or book through online within 3 days in advance.


2.1   Payment can be made online by Pay Now through your mobile via Astitchworks contact number (+65) 91857267 or Ibanking transfers after your registration is successful.  
2.2   All payments include cash or crossed cheques to Astitchworks Concepts (with full name and course title) to pay one week in advance before class resume.
2.3   Installment payment (2 times only) is a case by case basis with some evidence documents approved by Astitchworks Concepts. 1st payment needs to pay as agreed amount before the class start and 2nd Payment must settle the date given accordingly without failed.
2.3   Only Astitchworks vouchers/discounts coupons can claim upon valid date and must be informed Astitchworks in advance before the payment process.   Delayed claims will be disqualified.
2.4   Participants will receive advance an acknowledgment transaction as a reference for any subsequent communication with Astitchworks during the payment process.
2.5   In the case of bank transfer, the proof of slip payments is required during the payment process by the participants for Astitchworks’ approval.
2.6   If the relevant bank does not clear any payment, participants will get an unsuccessful message from the relevant bank’s website. 
2.7   Invoices will only be emailed to participants once the payment processed successful and approval by the relevant bank via Astitchworks accepted.  Participants will be qualified as Astitchworks students.
2.8   Participants who are entitled 2 installment payment schemes are to pay the amount accordingly to the arrangement made on 1st lesson and 5th lesson.  Any delays after 6th lesson, 10% penalty are required.
2.9   Participants wishing to use SkillsFuture credits or any subsidies/grants must notify Astitchworks in advance, however; they need to apply directly to the agencies involved for approval before registering.
2.10  Astitchworks shall not be responsible if any credit or other information provided is incorrect or if payment instructions are not given sufficiently in advance to allow for timely payment of fees, charges, fines or dues to Astitchworks or if payment instructions cannot be carried out for any reason beyond the control of Astitchworks.
2.11  Upon payment successfully, students are advised to check with our Administration before the class start.


3.1   Students requesting for cancellations after the courses validation must submit in writing 2 weeks before the last lesson schedule to Astitchworks Manager.  *No refund can be claimed.
3.2   Regardless of any reasons, if students’ subsequently late payment will be levied 10% as a penalty (calculate is based on the amount of full payment).
3.3   Administration charge fee of 10% for cancellation within 2 weeks from registration date or after the class started.  *No refund can be claimed.
3.4   Withdrawal/Cancellation of the courses with no refund or exchange at all after the confirmation of registration and class started.
3.5   Participants fail to settle their payment even if they stop attending their class without notice being taken under the Singapore Law by Astitchworks.
3.6   Strictly no refund unless *all the details and reason requested from students in writing are acceptable by Astitchworks Management agreed.  
        *The refund returns as goodwill and take 2-3 weeks via crossed cheque.


4.1   Astitchworks Concepts followed school system and punctuality is required. Late coming or unable to attend the class must be informed immediate/at least 1 hour before the class begins.
4.2   Astitchworks Concepts reserve the right to remove or reject any reasons if unaccepted accordingly to school standard practices and procedures.  All courses and availability of fees are subject to change.
4.3   All students must follow the syllabus and be subject to the notes given. Any Astitchworks course or syllabus is subject to change based on class requirements or student learning speed with permission approval.
4.4   Students must complete their assignments and sewing projects on the date scheduled before allowing to learn the next project.  Allows venturing the designs as many students want without obligation, but; it must base on their courses subject they registered and priority must complete each project first.
4.5   Students need to purchase their own material/sewing accessories or other services that are not included in our courses fees at our shop or outside. An extra charge is applying for any additional lesson or hour is required if the teaching period is excessive. 
4.6   Students must bring their materials, accessories and notes during the lesson (if).  Astitchworks provided tools and equipment during the class period.
4.7   Astitchworks Concepts reserve the right to cancel or postpone any lessons or schedule at short notice without assigning any reasons.  No refund can be claimed if students wish to withdrawal or terminate fail to cooperate.
4.8   Astitchworks Concepts reserve the right to cancel or postpone any sewing programs due to low numbers. No refund can be claimed if students wish to withdrawal or terminate fail to cooperate. 
4.9   Strictly no replacement lessons for the missed lesson for Group Learning, Workshops, and Promotion classes, however; Astitchworks will consider it students can provide a valid evidence document to claim one (1) hour to cover the missed lesson.
4.10 For individual learning only: A medical certificate or evidence documents are required for
replacement lessons.   Only 3 times is allowing to change their schedule in case of emergency with the submission of the proof document.
4.11  Any absent not compile on clause 3.5 and 3.6, Astitchworks Concepts will take it as a present and counted.  No transfer to another person (direct or non-direct).
4.12  All schedule will be set and confirmed by Astitchworks depend on trainers' available.


5.1   Punctuality attendance is compulsory.  Late arrivals or sick or unable to attend the class must be notified via WhatsApp’s 91857267 immediately.
5.2   Attendance must achieve 85% and complete all assignment successfully to award Statement of Attainment (SOA certificate). 
5.3   Astitchworks reserves the right to hold SOA if students failed to do so.   Certificate fee will be forfeit.
5.3   All certificate will be sent 3 weeks from the date completion of the last lesson through student’s email.  Kindly informed Astitchworks if students change new email in advance or before the last date of the lesson to be complete.
5.4   A certificate will not be shown after 2 weeks from date of notification.  Re-issue certificate will be a charge of $50.00 if required. 
5.5   Testimonial may apply and charge of $150.00 is requested.  
5.6   All payment must be paid through bank transfer POSB number 120-86783-0 before Astitchworks proceed with the request.
5.7   (if) Any collection of certificates by third parties or other persons, must produce students’ original NRIC as evidence.


6.1   All sewing tools and equipment must take care by students with proper precautions while using them. Follow proper procedures for using all sewing equipment.
6.2   Any return of Astitchworks Concepts properties or belonging must be in a good condition and in order always.
6.3   Make sure students are to use the proper items/accessories while sewing and switch off the electrical after using the sewing machines and to cover back for safety.
6.4   Respect the rights and property of other students in the class. No food or drink allowed at cutting and sewing areas. 
6.5   Must upkeep the cleanliness and hygiene of class always after used.
6.6   Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of the privilege to use classroom equipment.


7.1   Astitchworks Concepts reserves the right to prohibit entry to any students to sewing program, or eject any students from sewing program based on behaviours deemed inappropriate by Astitchworks Concepts staff and/or its agents and others working under its authority.
7.2   Students are bound by Astitchworks confidentially policy.  Any information that was received during Astitchworks program or courses, such as pattern making, drafting must not be discord to any party including such information and conversation must also be deleted from all your personal device. 
7.3   Astitchworks Concepts has the right to authorise and promote the artistic works include patents, copyright, industrial design rights, trademarks, trade dress, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets. 
7.4   No authorization is allowing to issue or use under Astitchworks name, logo and details without Astitchworks Concepts consent.
7.5   Astitchworks Concepts reserves the right to protect its Staff against any harassments, violation and mistreat by students. Action will be taken. 
7.6   These Terms of Use shall not limit any specific provisions set out in the individual terms and conditions of tools and services offered on or through this website.


These Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with laws of the Republic of Singapore.

9.      FEEDBACK

Astitchworks Concepts is always looking to improve our program/courses and welcomes feedback. If you would like to provide feedback or file a complaint regarding our staff services, please email to Grievances are taken very seriously and will be addressed in 5-7 days and thoughtful manner. 

For case-specific feedback and appeals where we need time to conduct further checks and investigation, we seek for your patience and understanding if we take longer to respond.  

Thank you.

What will Benefits from this classes:
1)  Learners able to create their own pattern and will gain sewing skills 
2) Learners receive hands-on practical works and learn more design to improve their dressmaking skills


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